Make YOUR MESSAGE STICK in the Minds and Imaginations
of Your Clients, Customers or Family!

Find, Create and Tell Your Great StoriesvWithout Having to be a Professional Storyteller.

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"Are you like a genius or something? I now have a direction and ‘the map’. Thanks for the wonderful ways to tell a story. God bless you forever!” -Kim, Texas

Can You See Yourself In One of These Scenes?

You stand on the stage or platform using business storytelling and every eye is glued on you, all ears eager to catch your next sentence.

Perhaps you are a classroom teacher or librarian and you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as students say to you,

"Thanks! You are the best teacher!" Not only that, but they always master the content you teach them. Their test scores could prove it.

Maybe you are a preacher or medical professional and your message, framed in the power of story, changes lives every day.

You are a parent and your children say, "No, not the book. Tell me one of your stories!"

We want to help make these scenarios come true for you with our new Ebook!

Now, right in your home or office, you can master the art of oral storytelling for all groups! Grow your bottom line, increase customer, staff

or volunteer retention and even communicate better with your family when you use your new power of storytelling.

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storytelling 101 ebookYou can and will master your message to your audience, inviting them into a powerful

experience unlike any other speaker they've heard.

You can tell a great story. Grab hold of the attention of your audience and keep them riveted to your message.

Corporate gatherings, schools, churches, sales, and special events all benefit from the must-know skill of oral storytelling.

*Execs, trainers, sales and HR staff:
Enliven your work with powerful stories.

*Librarians and teachers:
Go beyond reading to creating important events.

*Students of all levels:
Propel past the presentations of other students.

Mesmerize your own children with stories of your life.

 Forget what you think you know about storytelling- this has nothing to do with reading books to children. Storytelling is a powerful art form that has grown up way past the porch swing and glasses of lemonade. Now, you can grasp this skill that has been used for centuries and apply it to your unique audiences using this excellent workbook. Your audiences will want NEED to hear your message when you use storytelling techniques effectively.

Come download the  Eworkbook or purchase the spiral-bound edition right now. In the workbook’s pages of fun, entertaining exercises and teachings you’ll learn things such as:

...and more than we can list here.

MUST-HAVE skills are ready right here for you in this Eworkbook no matter who you are telling stories to and with. Adult audiences LOVE storytelling when you master the skills in the “Storytelling 101 Workbook” presented and prepared by a Master Storyteller. Download your copy, print up the pages and get started!

Your host on your journey into the POWERFUL SKILLS of storytelling is K. Sean Buvala, a master storyteller and teacher with decades of (and current) real-life development of this training kit. An award-winning storyteller recognized by his national peers as a leader in the art of storytelling, Sean takes you through the basics of learning to tell stories using the same techniques he has used to teach thousands of new storytellers in live training events since 1986! Thousands of hours of experience (and thousands of dollars of research and training) have gone into this workbook. Dive in and learn a new skill today.

Just $14.95 Spiral-Bound!

When you purchase the “Storytelling 101 Workbook” by Sean Buvala, you’ll be learning how to handle the “chisel” of storytelling that creatively carves your message and meaning into the hearts, minds, and imaginations of your audience.
Of course, we all know that children are natural lovers of story. However, in this kit, you will learn and experience that ADULTS crave this type of creative message. TEENS dive into this “unplugged” method of communication.

Just $14.95 Spiral Bound!